I have started so many blogs this year. I just haven’t really had the time to finish them. I was going to talk about truth, heartbreak, theatre i’ve seen, Manchester nuggets i’ve experienced, love, travelling, charities, home, the fact that blogging is so 2013, belonging, community, and so on… the list is endless.

Today, on Tuesday 16th September 2014 at 18:59pm I am (just about) certain of the following things:

1. Social media is actually a form of torture. TAKE A BREAK. (Yeah yeah, I know i’m blogging but i’m going away soon so you wont hear nothing!)

2. Manchester is my home and the community I have built here are not worth giving up for anything.

3. Having a ‘career’, a relationship, money, an iPhone, a clean house, a routine & a perfect family doesn’t mean you have it ‘sorted’. The world is bigger. I know God is bigger, even when I don’t feel it. It doesn’t mean you are a better person or more attractive for having those things or more mature. No-one has it ‘sorted’. Everyone is just trying to survive.

4. One Tree Hill, cheese, red wine, The OC, gin, John Legend, Cineworld, and salt & vinegar pringles doesn’t make the shit go away. I’ve enjoyed more than enough of this all summer and it just delays all the ick. Embrace the ick. Everyone gets it at some point.

5. Laughing is better than crying, but crying is not a sign of weakness. I wish laughter made us fly.

6. Provision has been put in place because we are part of a PLAN. Some people just don’t quite know it yet. I forget sometimes.

7. Honesty is important. Sometimes i’m a little bit brutal. I’m working on it.

8. Gossip is never okay. Hiding behind a ‘caring and accountable’ acquaintance is not acceptable. In AND outside the church.

9. Travelling isn’t always about running away. GO SEE STUFF.

10. Anger should be dealt with by focusing on what makes God angry in the world. He does not take every personal offence that we throw at him literally does he! Volunteer. Go hang out with your neighbours.

11. I know myself. I always try to communicate from a place of love. I want the best for people, but situations, moments and people influence how I get there and often my reactions suck.

12. Open Mic Nights are brilliant.

13. I’m going to hang out in Bangladesh for 10 weeks with Tearfund and i’m cacking my pants. But, you totally have to go and do stuff that scares you in your twenties, right?

14. We screw each other over, again and again and again and again. We just need to learn a little bit each time. Lower them expectations peeps.

15. Elderflower cordial is an excellent addition to a Gin and Tonic.


be still


Glamorous Camping

Glamping! Yes people, it is an actual thing.

I am a trusted camper, like real camper. I’ve done festivals, weekends away, week long exploits in sun, snow, rain, mud, EVERYTHING.  But my my would I glamp again!

The weekend booked in the calendar for myself and two other friends, just happened to be the start of the rainy season in lovely Manchester. We’ve had a stunner of a summer, so its totally to be expected that at one point its gonna piss it down. I got complacent you see, but now I am extremly weary of wet feet syndrome and frizzy hair o’clock. The. Rain. Is. Back.

We left Manchester for Anglesey around 6ish after a trip to Tescos and the chippy. At this point its cold and had been raining all day. We hit the motorwary and as we get past Chester and to North Wales I get far too excited at seeing the sea. I never see the sea! It looked rather chilly, but so pretty nonetheless. We were glamping in a YURT. In a small village called Rhydwn, about 25 minutes from Holyhead.

Its black. Like pitch black by the time we get to the farm where the said Yurt is. Its torrential rain and so flipping dark. We pull into the ‘yurt park’ and before I know it the farmer knocks on the front car window and scares the beejesus out of me my friends. Alas, we are in the right place! Following the small but very useful hue of some fairy lights I descend down the hill to a giant yurt with central fire, 2 singles and a double bed, with duvets rivalling that of my own John Lewis number. As much as I wanted to climb into bed with instant fire, we had to unpack the car. Put food in the kitchen, I needed to use the loo, and we had to light the fire with some soggy fuel.  At this point its cold. I need a glass of wine. Its pouring outside and we’re all tired from a full week at work. But, the inside of the yurt has rugs and Scrabble and chairs and cushions and fire and just… ahhhh. We drink wine, we discuss the frivolities of the past week. We sleep. A lot.

Saturday means beaches. Its still Artic outside so its basically put on every single item of clothing you have that you haven’t slept in day. Bacon sandwiches happen. LOTS of tea happens. And then its time to hit the beaches of Anglesey on the farmers request….

What beautiful, peaceful awe-filled scenery I experience over the next few hours. Chasing the tide, walking along a veeeerry windy cliff top, feeling sand between my toes, feeling freeeeeeezing, birdwatching and general pottering around the North Welsh coastline. By Saturday evening back at the Yurt it had stopped raining, this mean OUTSIDE FIRE! I cooked on the electric oven in the kitchen (very surreal) whilst my friendlies made an open fire for us to huddle round, drink more wine and appreciate the stars. Even now I can’t quite believe how we managed to have dry periods in a midst one hell of rainy weekend. God.

I love stars. Thats one of my favourite things about camping/glamping/being outside. Its good for the soul. I thoroughly recommend it.

What did we do on Sunday? More beach pottering. As we leave Anglesey, the storms clear up and the coast looks even more beautiful in the dusk sunshine. I cannot emphasise how much good fresh air does for me. I love Manchester, but now i’m starting the love the Northern countryside & coastline even more.

Lake District now anyone?


yurt coastline