Its Banga time

I’m just about to head to Heathrow to catch a flight to Dhaka,  Bangladesh, where I’ll be volunteering with Tearfund on an ICS (International Citizen Service) programme……

I’m nervous. I’m there for 10 weeks, living and working in a community. I miss my Manchester world already! But this trip has come at a time like no other,  i’m LITERALLY dropping cliches left, right and centre. I am full on going to ‘find myself’,  getting away from the backlash of a disastrous end to a relationship, and going to shift my perspective as to why I am a Christian and i’ve entered into relationship with God. The relationship where no matter how many disastrous moments there might be, it never ends. I’m just flying half way around the world to reconnect with Him. I can’t wait. But i’m nervous, this summer has been pretty diabolical BUT if theres one thing i’m sure if its the fact I want to continue serving people. Loving people. The other stuff is irrelevant. Sure you can pray and read and debate until the cows come home but thats not actually what Jesus said was the most important thing to do. He said love people (even the ones in disastrous human relationships).

I’ll try and blog a bit when i’m there but truthfully I will enjoy the break from social media. You know what i’m talking about.

I’m also not entirely sure as to what i’m going to be doing either – i’m based in a church in a southern region and we’ll just see what happens. Literally. Bangladesh suffers with a lot of flooding so I assume i’ll be doing aid work in relation to natural disasters. I also told them I’m a youth worker and not bad at running drama, cooking and craft clubs so maybe i’ll do a bit of that.

Ciao for now x


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