When I took a year out before University, I discovered that there are some Christians who fluff up their religion with bright lights, fancy names and well-to-do salaries. Lately I have been reminded that people choose to represent the Kingdom of God in this way, AGAIN. I dont think it provides the best family for people that don’t know Jesus to be a part of. I’m sick of selfish, gossip-fuelled, single-obsessive relationships that only exist because you are part of the church.

Often churches provide a space for the social outcasts of society to be themselves. Call me harsh, but its true. The awkward nerdy lot are on one side of the worship area trying their hardest not to make eye contact with intimidating coolness that stares back at them. We find ourselves making the effort with people we would never usually spend time with, all for the sake of sharing one thing in common, Jesus. I think this effort can quickly turn to fakeness. Fake families that take each other for a ride, all for the sake of the church. Can you just do this little job for me? Its for the church. IF your going to do something, regardless of being in a church circle or not, I’ve always thought you should do it well. Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. Paul’s totally right. Its simple. You are loved by Jesus regardless, why bother with the receipt of OTHER people’s love in the church, when Jesus’s love is enough to sustain you. It wont stab you in the back, make you feel inferior, guilty, or alone.

Choosing to know Jesus is about taking part in a love story. Meetings, worship nights, curry evenings, clubs, evangelistic events, all come second. And when you feel like you want to be involved in these events, be mindful of the people you’re doing it with. We’re all sinners, we all screw up. But faith is a vulnerable part of my life that affects my heart. SO: Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Oh my gosh and if you need a Sunday off, take it. Jesus won’t love you any less, I guarantee it.  I also think this started out as a bit of a rant, a rant that I think ends up a similar conclusion that lots of people feel in the church. Overcomplicated Christianity, AGAIN.

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