Unconditional love is an overwhelming concept. Its a love that comes from a creator that knows your heart. Your hopes, your dreams, your failures, your anxieties, your hurts, your joys, your everything.

The story of Jesus’ crucifixion is heart breaking. At eye level with the crowd he was put up on a cross, naked, and ridiculed. He was taunted and humiliated, but with dutiful obedience, he followed his father’s wishes.

In the beginning, God knew that mankind would fail. He gave us the choice in the way to live, and we royally mucked it up. He knew we would SIN. He knew that the ONLY way in which mankind would survive and live the best possible lives on earth and in heaven, was if he sacrificed something so special and wonderful as his only SON. God sacrificed his son so that our SIN may be destroyed. WHAT! A gift! A free gift.

I cannot believe my God made that sacrifice for me. My God that shares deep relationships with so many others, made the universe, and listens to so many other prayers, made the sacrifice of his son for ME. I owe him. I owe him big time. Best thing about this? I want to owe him. I want to give him everything. He has saved me from a lifetime of anger, jealousy, betrayal, lust. But are these things really that hurtful? Yes. I’ve seen families destroyed through jealousy and anger, and I’ve seen women’s esteem crumble through lust and greed. I choose to live a life whereby I am SAVED from all this ick. And its absolutely free. Once you’ve experienced God’s Holy Spirit, you cannot but choose to live your life differently, saved by a maker who gave up everything for you.

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow we celebrate having hope again. It is a proclamation that Jesus is Lord on HIGH! He will live.

Now is a time to remember. Remember the sacrifice. The gift. The freedom. His name is Jesus. For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Amen.

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