Handbag Tour

I have a fantastic friend called Annie, whom I have known since we were in Sunday School together, who has been blogging for a fair while now. She is a lovely creature, and I wish I could see more of her. We have found new pastures in our University cities, but when we manage to catch up in person, its the same old us again. X Factor, some sort of cheese accompaniment usually including pizza, and some vino.

She blogged about a tour of her handbag (http://bellasbits.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/tour-of-my-handbag/) being the epic fashionista that she is, and HEY I fancied doing it too. I’ve never been one for the fashion club. I like to dress comfy, flattering and full of charity shop, vintage fair, and clothes swap bargains. My wardrobe from the past three years has existed of items i’ve picked up from those sorts of environments.

I’m currently rocking an Accessorize large grey shopper that I bought about a year ago now, its still serving me magnificently!

Here’s whats (usually)  inside it:


  • Mittens. 50p H&M sale, bought in January I think. Manchester is cold. You need gloves.
  • House Keys, including bottle opener.
  • Sharpie. Random, but has proved surprisingly helpful over the past few months or so for Birthday Card messages and gift-making.
  • Hairties. Everyone always wants one.
  • Tickets. SO MANY TICKETS. This is pretty good for me, a few church flyers, some theatre and gig tickets from the past month or so. And train tickets.
  • Purse. £3 Oxfam. I’m a use one purse until it breaks kind of girl, and low and behold, the zip preceded to on my previous one.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food. I’m a new convert to the hand cream scene, but i’m thoroughly enjoying this shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow number. It’s non-greasy, too.
  • Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter. I love lip balm. I get through it like nothing else. I think I just love having smelly stuff on my lips! Its bizarre, but I just love lip balm. This stuff can protect you from the iciest of Northern winds as well, dreamy.
  • iPod Classic. I listen to most of my albums on my way into Uni, so I love having the choice to flick through this bad boy that has my entire iTunes library on it.
  • Brolley. It rains in Manchester. A lot. Nuff said.
  • Water. I can’t tell you the impact having a bottle of water in your handbag has on your SKIN. It means I drink at least 2 or 3 of those bottles a day, and my skin is all the more healthier for it.
  • Theatre & Human Rights – Paul Rae. Dissertation reading. It comes everywhere with me.
  • Amelie (2001) Soundtrack. A recent addition, from a friend who cooked me dinner the other night. Its a kooky soundtrack, full of french strings and accordions  Extremely pleasant to listen to.

Ey voila! My handbag. It’s full of my favourite things, some useful, some random. What’s in yours?

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