Yellowcard – 1st March 2013. HMV Ritz, Manchester.

Thinking about future blog posts, I think I may be here all day!


Friday 1st March, and my lovely friend Neha sends a group text round saying she’s got a spare Yellowcard ticket for a gig in town. YELLOWCARD! I’ve not listen to those bad boys in years. I’m a fan of all music, so I was certainly up for the trip down memory lane. Low and behold, they put on a pretty good show!

Instant reactions, I felt old. Scene kids and emos and hardcore brooootals still exist! I never really fitted into any box at high school, I was a floater (ha,) and was friends with everyone. I certainly went through phases that were influenced by musical tastes and genres at the time but I never felt labelled as anything. Nor do I feel that way now. What better way to experience life than to have friends and family that have different interests! It makes for one hell of a ride.

Back to Yellowcard, and truthfully, I was bopping away like I was in Tiger Tiger in the Printworks. It was harmless good fun! The band have a token violin player, classical and electronic. Which I must say took some getting used too. He was playing in harmony with the lead guitars, which is unusual, but still really interesting to watch, and listen to.

They rattled through the classics, with some new stuff popping up along the way. It had been so long since i’d given them a listen that I only new a few of the last songs! The audience seemed to be enjoying it though and it really was a great way to spend a Friday night.

No pop-punk rock band gig could go without a circle pit. Around half way through the gig, Blondie opened up the floor and the peculiar action of running into each other with spinning arms happened. It was quite bizarre. Neha looked at me for half a second and said ‘Shall we?’ I laughed in her face. I was happy to stay at the back dancing like I was in Tiger Tiger. In fact, Yellowcard does actually make its way on the 5th Ave playlist I believe. Alas, I was bopping like I was 5th Ave. (Shudder.)

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