Lianne la Havas – 10th March 2013. HMV Ritz, Manchester.

This lady. If you haven’t heard this lady then you are a very silly bean!

Shes a twentysomething Londoner who literally melts your eardrums. Unlike many female solo artists, she plays some beautiful guitars, and can hold a stage with just her pipes and a pretty black number that just looks effortless when she plays it. Her band were equally as impressive, a drummer, pianist, bassist, and backing vocalist with one of the most impressive affros I have ever seen.

The gig was supposed to be scheduled for October last year, but tonsilitus seemed to get in the way. This didnt fase us fans though, the Ritz was packed out. I was on my todd this time, but I genuinely dont mind my own company. I’ve grown to appreciate the joy of time to yourself, and for me its always got to be a nice walk in the countryside (or Platt Fields ;)) or a play, or a live show, that just soothes my soul if I’ve had a hectic week of working or just meeting up with people.

The mixture of quieter solos and house band continually proved the talent and skill of the musiciains she had on stage with her. The harmonies were flawless, minor chords that clearly had been rehearsed with such tenacity that as I’ve already mentioned, will melt your ear drums.

She’s quirky, cool, and extremely humble. Which just makes her all the more likeable! My favourite song is Age, to which she ended the final en core with. The crowd chanted along, and she continually praised Manchester for our supportive efforts to the rescheduled show. After a tiring weekend, it was refreshing to stand in the crowd and sing along to every word off the album, Is Your Love Big Enough.

Admittedly, couples were rife – but as I say, I was perfectly content on my Rosie-date. It reminds me that I’m a human being, not a human doing. Besides, I’m a cheap date, I make myself laugh, I enjoy my own company. Its important to take time out for ourselves, and I firmly think that its something that people don’t do as often as they should.

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