In his name the nations will put their HOPE.


It’s taken me a while to find a community of people that are truly committed to transformational love in the name of Jesus. To me, that’s what 21st century church looks like. Unconditional, overwhelming, life-consuming love. This group of people are desperate to share the love they receive from Jesus with the people that surround them. We do not judge, or boast, or condemn those that are different from us. We are insignificant significance. Known and loved by Jesus freely and absolutely. This is Ivy Fallowfield.

Its easy for religious groups to say these things, and then act in another way. The church has an incomprehensible amount to answer for over the last 2000 years, and to all the people I have met who feel despondent and bored of church, I’m truly sorry for the pain that we have caused you. Its not on. Jesus would be livid. Actually he probably wouldn’t because he has the largest capacity to love those that have hurt him, or appear to have hurt him according to our world.

I took a year out before University to serve a church. It broke me. I was undermined, patronised, over-worked and at the end of the year, a burnout. Unfortunately I experienced people that were not in it for the long haul. Their serving and their praying and their studying fit into their own little boxes in their own little world. It was fake, fashionable and flashy. Practically, I learnt a lot about secular youth work, funding applications, working for a NGO, and professional networking meetings. This had nothing to do with God though, or so I thought.

The God of the Universe – the creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and e-minor – loves us with a radical unconditional, self sacrificing love. And what is our typical response? We go to church sing songs, and try not to cuss.

Francis Chan, Crazy Love.

I was completely lost at the end of my gap year. Due to start University and quite ready to pack it all in. Jesus came to SEEK and SAVE the LOST. I was lost, and he saved me. Again. Meaning and love and people and generosity and joy returned to my life and I found a community that makes it their life’s mission to deliver this to those that are lost. We’re all lost at some point in our lives. For a day, a year, 10 years. Why continue to be lost when you can be found, and cherished by a glorious creator. THAT is my prayer for all those that have yet to hear the name Jesus. I’ve been a bit slack on those kinds of prayers lately, but I trust in a God that can deliver ALL sin and replace it with love and mercy. So of course, people will know Him, in time, when their hearts are ready.

Crazy Love is a great book by Francis Chan, it just got rid of all of the liturgical crap I was experiencing and filled my heart with an approach to Jesus that was completely filled with love. It’s easy to read and there are some great YouTube clips as an accompaniment.

Crazy Love – Francis Chan

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