Hi blogosphere, nice to meet you.

It appears that blogs are the ‘thing to do’ these days. Sharing your life through photos, blog posts and status updates is bringing us closer together as a society, or is it? Don’t get me wrong it a fantastic acheievement to be able to contact friends and family halfway across the world, but one of my favourite things to do is finding a cutesey cafe down a sidestreet and have a cuppa with my best friends. I’ve done my fair share of Facebook stalking, but am really concious of investing in people’s time in person.

As a student, I have a pretty flexible lifestyle I think this blog is going to explore some of these tensions, as well as attempting to critique theatre, (I am a drama student after all). I love going to live music, so some reviews or rambles about gigs I’ve been to will probably appear here as well. I’m also an active member of my local church, so who knows – maybe some thoughts on our wonderful creator might also surface. I live in Manchester, and have for the past 3 years. I love it, and fancied sharing it with the world I suppose.

I study drama, which to many people’s surprise is bloody hard work. Answers are not readily available in assessments, and must be justified to redeem any sort of approval. Expressing yourself can be a painful process, sharing your inner most thoughts with an audience knowing that they could hate what you’ve created, or be deeply moved by it. It has taken me these three years however to realise why I love theatre. I love telling stories. I love hearing people’s stories of their travels and achievements and fears and hurts. What better way to re-create them than in the theatre? A place where imagination thrives (and I really don’t give a stuff about Plato at this moment in time) and has the capacity to influence people in relation to issues in our contemporary world.

I’ve always gone to a church. Its always been around. My relationship with our creator however, has not. Like many relationships, with friends, partners and indeed Jesus, its been pretty turbulent. I’m surviving, thanks to some amazing stories that have gotten me through and the complete terror I feel living in this harsh world alone. I’m not alone if i’m with Jesus. Many might call that a cop-out, but I suspect they are yet to encounter an experience with Him, yet.

I love to laugh. I wish it could make us sit on the ceiling.

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